Monday, August 10, 2009

Buddy Dog injured

What a sweet face. We couldn't say 'NO' to animal control.

In mid April 2009, the horse rescue was called to pick up a stray potbelly pig at Murray County Animal Control. On our way there, we spotted two small dogs running on the side of Highway 411, obviously afraid, lost, running for their lives, wondering where to go. We pulled over to the side of the road trying to coax them to come with us. They were so afraid they kept running and eventually ran into the woods. We were hoping we might find them on the way back. Once we reached animal control to pick up the pig, we told them to be on the look out for these two dogs. On our way back, we searched once again the area we saw the two dogs, but did not see them again.

On May 1st, Murray County Animal Control emailed the horse rescue with a picture of a small dog they picked up on Highway 411. They wanted to know if this was one of the two small dogs we saw running that April morning. It was! Unfortunately the dog had presumably been hit by a vehicle and had a broken leg. His little running mate was not so lucky, he was pronounced dead at the scene.

We made arrangements to pick up “Buddy” and took him directly to the vet. Buddy’s fracture was so severe he had to have a rod put in his leg to help it heal. Marla Morris, a horse rescue volunteer, offered to foster Buddy and help him and he is slowly recovering with Morris family’s love of animals.

For some reason, Buddy’s fracture has been slow to heal. We have tried many different things to help the healing process including good nutrition and supplements. Peggy Corr of See the Light low-level laser has offered the use of her laser as well to help Buddy’s fracture heal. After Peggy sent his x-rays to a very good friend and orthopedic veterinarian for his opinion, it was determined that Buddy needed another surgery. This time an orthopedic specialist put a “plate” in his leg to attach the two bones and also added some bone fragments to try to help fuse the bone back together. Buddy is once again in the healing process with the Morris family and we are hoping this surgery will be successful.

In the meantime, Buddy’s vet care continues to rise in cost and is well over $4000. at this time. We have been told he will probably have to have another surgery to remove the plate, but it will be at least a year before they can remove it. Please help us with Buddy’s care and make a donation to the Horse Rescue at 1768 Newt Green Road, Cumming, GA 30028 or via PayPal on our web site - Please note for Buddy’s Care. Thank you.

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